A Very Happy 69th Independence Day To All Indians


69th Independence Day – We are a proud nation and we take pride in our diversity, culture and ethics. let’s Rejoice this day and know our Freedom.

Happy Independence Day to Every Proud Indian

 69th Independence Day
69th Independence Day

As India Celebrates its 69th Independence Day, we wish every Indian native A Very Ecstatic Independence Day. It’s been 69 years since our beloved nation was declared A Free Nation, A Nation which was no more a Slave, A Nation that resembled Culture and Diversity in its Unity, A Nation of Warriors and Philanthropists. It was August 15, 1947 when we grabbed our rights and we became The Independent India we are.

Freedom For Us

What that Freedom mean to us? What is the significance of the tag of an Independent Nation? How free we are? And can we really provide the meaning to the word ‘Freedom’?

The British left our nation and thus we were declared a free and Independent Nation which was a result of some long efforts from our Freedom Fighters especially Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Subhash Chandra Bosh and every nation lover who fought for our present. We are Free today and we have been so since 1947 but still there are some peculiar matters which are to be eradicated and demolished to call ourselves ‘The Free Nation’. Let’s take pride in being an Indian but also get a reality check of our nation’s status when it comes to Women Safety, Corruption, Unemployment, Pollution, Crime, Scams and yes moral policing.

The Independent India

We are an Independent nation and thus it allows us to have our rights, we should practise our rights. Let’s Vote, Let’s have our opinion, Let’s choose our career, Let’s speak for ourselves and  for our nation, Let’s take a stand when required, Let’s wear what we want, Let’s idolise our Soldiers, our Heroes. Let’s Respect people and Respect Freedom.

The Real Freedom

It’s easy to call ourselves Independent but it is equally vital to let our people feel it. In which free country on Planet Earth would people be scared of Police, where would our guards raid a place where Adults are spending their quality time, where would a Father kill his daughter for his honour, where would a daughter be disgraced, where a religion and Caste would signify someone’s identity?  It is important for a free nation to build an ambience where women feel safe and secure, where Men are respected and have their stand, where Children can dream and where Elders can Trust their people.

Happy Independence Day, Rejoice It

Our nation is changing and the change is for good but still, we need to stand and rejoice our rights. Enjoy the day, Rejoice the Freedom but remember to give an actual meaning to Freedom. Let’s form synonyms like Respect, Trust, Safety, Harmony and love to Freedom.

An avid reader, blogger and engineering student from Dehradun, India.


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