ABVHV Suggested MCI to Include Hindi as an Study Medium in MBBS


ABVHV Asks MCI For Hindi as an option in MBBS as an Study medium – Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindu Vishvidhyalaya (ABVHV), which is located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. ABVHV had pleaded Medical Council Of India (MCI) to include Hindi as the alternative medium for writing the course examination. The Vice Chancellor of ABVHV, Mohanlal Cheepa had said –

“We Have asked the MCI to give an option to students pursuing MBBS degree course to write their exams in Hindi as long as it is not possible for it to have Hindi as an another medium of Instruction”

Extending his statement he put forward a fine and true statement-

” When candidates have an option to take Pre-Medical test in Hindi, they should also given a similar facility in MBBS exams”

The topic or the change that ABVHV had demanded is very genuine and very relieving idea for all those talented and ambitious students who are selected in Government Medical Colleges with having Hindi as background. The immense pressure that these students feels after sudden change of language is killing, depressing and demotivating.

ABVHV Is Trying Hard For Hindi Recognition In MBBS –


This is not the first time ABVHV had put their demand in front of MCI. Since the establishment of ABVHV in 2011, they are putting forth their demand of change in front of MCI. It is ironic that ‘Hindi as a medium for writing exam’, in notification has been even passed by Rajya Sabha, two decades ago i.e in 1991. And still Hindi is fighting for recognition as a medium of study in our medical colleges.

MCI Responded With Lack Of Facilities In Hindi:

MCI has responded to the issue by stating that there is an acute shortage of relevant Medical Books in Hindi. Contrasting to their reply, VC of ABVHV on occasion of 10th Hindi Sammelan had gathered and exhibited 200-300 books of Medical Sciences, proving that their approach is not illogical and can be practised very well. ABVHV is planning to gather VC’s of other Medical universities to raise their voice louder.

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