Airtel to charge on pay per second Basis: News


Airtel to Charge per Second: News

Bharti Airtel has made an announcement that the call rates would be charged on per second basis i.e. you all pay for the number of second you have called.

pay per second
Airtel announced call rate scheme

Airtel Call Rates based on Seconds of the Call

Telecomย Company, Bharti Airtel has declared that it would be charging on the second basis for the calls made by its customers. Airtel will bring all its prepaid customers under their new policy of pay per second. Airtel said that its 94.4 percent users are prepaid customers among which most utilise the pay per second scheme and now Airtel will bring all the customers in the same scheme.

Airtel Users would be free to use tariff as per Airtel tariff plans.

Call Drop Issue leads to Airtelโ€™s Announcement

TRAI has been strict on the issue of Call Drops and it is investing the plans from the telecom companies that if the plans affect the call drops issues i.e. if the call drops issues are more or less with certain plans by Telecom companies. Airtel may have announced for Pay per second scheme for all users because of TRAIโ€™s action on Call Drop.

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