Akshay Kumar Supports Farmers affected Due To Drought


Akshay Kumar Supports Drought-Stricken Farmers: News

Superstar, Khiladi Kumar showed in heroism in real life by helping the Maharashtra Farmers suffering due to drought. Akshay will be providing financial help of 90 Lakh for this Drought stricken Farmers.

Akshay Kumar joins Nana Patekar initiative to help Farmers

Akshay Supports Drought Strikens
Akshay Kumar supports Farmers

Farmers have been committing suicide due to over burden of debts and drought in the Maharashtra. Nana Patekar had asked Farmers to come to him and not choose the suicide option.

Following Nana, Akshay had initiated major help to the Farmers and their families by pledging an amount of 90 Lakh for the Farmers and hence stop the act of increasing suicides of the Farmers in Maharashtra. The amount would be distributed in 6 instalments over next 6 months; the first instalment will be given today at District Beed.

Akshay and Nanaโ€™s initiative is surely going to help the Farmers and encourage them to struggle through this drought and not commit suicides. Government also has to show some sensitivity towards the issues and step up like Akshay Kumar and Nana Patekar have done.

Akshay also runs an organisation which educates and trains children about self defence and martial arts, he also sends top learners to other countries for better training program. Akshay has been trying to make martial arts and self defence a mandatory subject in school.

Step up like the actors are doing and be with us for more inspiring stuffs.

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