Akshay The Saviour in Gritty and Intense Thriller, Airlift Teaser


The teaser of Akshay Kumar’s next, Airlift is out and it is fascinating, gripping and has true sense of Patriotism in it. Airlift directed by Raja Krishan Menon would release on 22 January, 2016.

Airlift First Official Teaser Releases: Akshay Impresses Again

Airlift based on largest human evacuation in Mankind history would be next Akshay Kumar’s release and the official teaser of Airlift was release today which has blown away the mind of viewers with its unexpected content and sense of Patriotism. If Teaser is anything to go by, then we are assured of one of the best thriller of Indian cinema as Akki wins it in every frame.

Akshay Kumar as Ranjit Katyal: True Story of India’s Heroics

Akshay Kumar
Airlift Official Teaser

The teaser begins with Akshay introducing his character, the powerful Kuwait based Businessman i.e. Ranjit Katyal but scenario changes when Iraq under Saddam Hussain’s leadership invades Kuwait and their army menaces by killing Kuwaitis and possessing their land and property. Ranjit becomes the only hope to 1,70,000 Indians trapped in Kuwait as Gulf war goes on between Kuwait and Iraq. Ranjit (Akshay Kumar) accomplishes the evacuation of Indians with help of Indian Government across 59 days.  The teaser will surely hit you and give you goose bumps especially when Indian flag is waved, it’s a proud moment.

Akshay Kumar makes this gripping teaser worthy with his intense and emotional character. He is accompanied by Nimrat Kaur in this thriller which salutes the nation and sacrifice. Airlift is about hope, believe and somewhere praising Ranjit Katyal’s effort and Indian Government’s( Rare Event) efforts.

Akshay has stupendous record when it comes to Republic lately with the likes of Special 26 and BABY which means, Airlift will take benefit from it especially because of its patriotic content. Airlift releases on 22 January, 2016 and easer has assured a bumper opening. National holiday on January 26 would surely see the film touching its best patch.

Be ready for this fast, gripping, intense and patriotic thriller.

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