Aylan Kurdi Photo: Drowned Syrian Boy Disheartening Picture


Aylan Kurdi Photo: Drowned Syrian Boy Disheartening Picture

Drowned Toddler Aylan (Alan) Kurdi picture of him lying dead at Turkey beach has shattered every human being and every nation.

Syrian Boy Aylan Kurdi Drowned Boy: Picture of Melancholy

Syrian Kid Picture
Aylan Kurdi Dead at Turkey Beach

The World is devastated with a mere picture which shows how the world and the people are moving towards a ruthless and emotionless planet. An innocent child had to end his small life to survive the war in his nation.

Aylan Kurdi Story: A Beginning to The End

Aylan Kurdi, a kid was drowned while his family was leaving their home country, Syria because of the War going on, in the nation. Abdullah Kurdi was moving to Island Kos with his two children and wife through Mediterranean Sea when the overloaded boat went upside down, drowning most of the lives on it.

Aylan Kurdi’s body floated to Turkey Beach and the picture taken by photographer of Aylan’s dead body has shattered everyone’s soul. The boy with his shoes on, innocent face was made to end his life just because of nations in war.

Aylan Kurdi’s Picture: Demonstration

In Simple words, the picture demonstrates the misery of the world. Nations are executing wars and innocent children who dream to have a bright tomorrow ,Women who live to make their people life’s worthy, Men who devote themselves for their duty are all suffering.  

A innocent child who doesn’t understand what the word ‘War’ means, a mother who makes her children her Cosmo, a father who is ready to leave his native nation, these are common people who believe in love, respect and happiness but what they have to face is agitating and pure chagrin . What if there was no war in Syria? What if the boat was not overloaded for the greed of money? What if Refugees were easily granted place in neighbouring and safe nations?

The Answer is obscure because we believe to help humanity but we don’t when we need to take a step and initiate. Aylan Kurdi would have been playing somewhere with his friends if above things had happened.

Aylan Kurdi Picture’s Effect: Refugees welcomed by European nations

The picture of small Syrian kid has initiated change in the world but the change needs to be constant. England Prime Minister, David Cameron is disheartened and has welcomed refugees to UK while Germany and Austria have also raised their hands for the refugees. Australian PM, Tony Abbott has assured that Australia will welcome and support refugees.

A mere picture is not just a visual display if it has in it to shakes a nation’s moral. Aylan is declared as a Martyr and he deserves to be so. A picture can speak a thousand words and this one has spoken millions.

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