Bajaj will export ‘Qute’ to 16 Countries


Bajaj to Export Qute in 16 Countries: News

Bajaj Motors will be exporting its Quadricycle Qute (RE 60) in 16 countries from next month and export price of Qute is $ 2,000.

Bajaj Qute to be Exported

Qute to be exported in 16 Countries by Automaker, Bajaj

Indian Auto Maker, Bajaj will export its Quadricycle vehicle, Qute which was earlier named RE 60. The exportation of Qute will proceed from next month in 16 countries which include Turkey, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Thailand, Peru and others. The export price of Qute is kept at $2,000 (Rs 1.3 Lakh).

Bajaj RE 60 is an alternative to three wheelers especially Autos though Bajaj is facing some legal issues pertaining to RE 60 and this is the reason for delay in launch of Bajaj Qute in India. Company would launch Qute in India once Supreme Court declares its decision.

RE 60 is renamed to Bajaj Qute

Qute was previously named RE 60 and Bajaj showcased its three wheeler replacement with the same name in Delhi Auto Expo though it changed to Qute now.

Qute will provide excellent mileage of 36 KM/Litre and will have the top speed of 70Km/Hr. It comes with sitting capacity of 4 people and is apt replacement for three wheelers.

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