BCCI President,Jagmohan Dalmiya Passes Away in Kolkata


BCCI President, Jagmohan Dalmiya Passes Away: News

BCCI President, Jagmohan Dalmiya passed away in Kolkata after suffering from Heart Attack as per the latest reports.ย  Jagmohan Dalmiya was appointed as BCCI President for the second time in March, 2015.

BCCI Chairman, Jagmohan Dalmiya Demise: 1940-2015

BCCI President Passes away
Jagmohan Dalmiya Demise

Nation and Indian Cricket have sombre news as Board of Cricket Control India (BCCI) President, Jagmohan Dalmiya passed away after Heart attack, and he was admitted to BM Hospital on Thursday due to bad health where he had his last moments.

Jagmohan Dalmiya was 75 year old and was born on May 30, 1940. Jagmohan Dalmiya was associated with BCCI since 1979 and he went on to become BCCI Chairman and also ICC (International Cricket Council) President.

Jagmohan Dalmiyaโ€™s contribution to Indian Cricket is vital as he was the one who brought money to Cricket especially BCCI and also ICC. Indian cricket began to shine while BCCI was managed by Jagmohan Dalmiya. He was close to Sourav Ganguly and his equation with him was the main reason when Cricket in India turned to Passion when India started winning the games in foreign countries.

Dalmiya was closely associated to West Bengal Cricket after BCCIโ€™s post of President but Dalmiya was again selected for BCCI President post with unanimous votes though he couldnโ€™t gave his efforts as he did in his previous term basically due to health reasons.

Cricket world is paying tribute to the man who changed the scenario of Cricket.

Respect to Jagmohan Dalmiya for his contribution.

Stay with us for more updates guys.

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