Bihar Legislative Assembly Election News: PM Modi’s Bihar Rally


Bihar Election 2015: PM takes on Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav –

Bihar has become the talk of the Country because of the Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections 2015 to be held in November, 2015 and Honourable Prime Minister was in Bihar for the Election campaign of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) where he targeted the Bihar Government and their Leaders. Bihar Legislative Election are proposed for November this year and party’s like BJP, Congress, JDU and RJD are leaving no stones for promoting themselves and attracting voters.

Bihar Legislative Election
Bihar LA Election 2015 News

Modi’s Bihar Rally – Narendra Modi Accuses Bihar Government:

Narendra Modi was in Gaya, Bihar where he attended a rally for a campaign of his party BJP. Narendra Modi’s main target was Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar and RJD’s chief Lalu Prasad Yadav who have joined their hands to stand together for the Bihar Election and form government in Collaboration. Modi was all guns fired against these leaders and he accused Nitish Kumar for Bihar’s slow rate of Development. Modi insisted Bihar’s voters to vote against JDU and RJD Collaboration and hence save Bihar from ‘Jungle Raj 2’. He declared that BJP’s government in Bihar would mean Proper Development of the State and also the tag of queasy state would be removed from Bihar. He Praise the state because of its IAS and IPS Officers in Every state of India but his concerns were that the state is not utilizing the talent of the youth in proper way.

Narendra Modi’s Word Rage –

Narendra Modi’s speech in the Bihar Rally included some sarcastic and condemning liners

  • ‘Jungle Raj 2’ will be added with Prison’s Experience where he referred to Lalu Prasad Yadav and he also said that these two parties would probably ruin the state.
  • ‘Bhujang Prasad’ and ‘Chandan Kumar’ would ruin Bihar.
  • There is a wave of development from Central Government but People in Bihar Government are allowing these changes to positively affect Bihar.
  • The people who talk about taking poison before elections would certainly burst out the poison after Elections.
Nitish Kumar’s Reaction on Modi Rally –

CM of Bihar said ‘PM has subjected Bihar as a Diseased State whereas Bihar rate of development in field of Safety, Education and Social causes is better. PM should assure his facts before calling the state something like this’.

Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Take on Modi’s Statement in Bihar Rally –

RJD Chief said ‘Modi should ask Amit Shah about prison experience. The people who are talking about ‘Jungle Raj 2’ are afraid of ‘Mangal Raj 2’.

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