BlackBerry 10 Now Supports WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature


WhatsApp has astonished BlackBerry 10 users by the launch of voice calling feature for Blackberry 10 users, the feature allows users to make voice calls via WhatsApp without using the cellular network as it uses the provider’s data package, thus utilizing internet services which can be through Wi-Fi network or other sources.BlackBerry

Whatsapp introduced this feature for android phones earlier, followed by Apple’s IOS and now it’s the turn of Blackberry 10 to get updated with this Voice Calling Feature which would be followed by Windows phones in near future.

Though this feature of WhatsApp is available for BlackBerry users for quite a time now but only for users with beta version of the app, now all blackberry 10 users can use this feature and can make voice calls by using the internet services.


The updated version of WhatsApp for BlackBerry OS 10.3 also fixes bugs and has improvements in features like location features, various fonts search options etc., thus making the app more user friendly and effective.

This is really an impressive update by WhatsApp and which gives the user freedom of not only to depend on the talktime balance in their phones because now they can use their internet or near by available Wi-Fi to call their friends or anyone in their contact list who are using WhatsApp as well.

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