Blunt Smriti Irani on Education System and Intolerance


HRD Minister, Smriti Irani was candid about Education, Government Schools, Language, Intolerance and Admission issues in a recent media interaction where she criticised Congress and assured of improvement in Education system in India.

Smriti Irani Talks about Education System, Government Schools and Language Barrier

Smriti Irani on Education
HRD Minister, Smriti Irani

Human Resource and Development Minister, Mrs Smriti Irani recently talked about Education related issues and Rahul Gandhi’s comment on PMO in a media interaction. She called Rahul’s statement as disrespect to nation as Rahul Gandhi had called government’s act on National Herald case an act of Vendetta. On Education point, she emphasised on improving education system across the nation for which a transparent and friendly environment is basic necessity of the students and their guardians. While talking about Government schools and their comparison with Private schools, HRD Minister focused on the point that education level and system has been upgraded for government schools as Government has worked on various policies and new actions are being upheld to enhance the quality of education, government school students get.

Smriti Irani talked about SMS system which would be sent to guardians about the student being present in the class or not, also SMS would be delivered by Schools to inform guardians about teachers missing the class. This step would bring transparency for student’s guardian and school would also benefit with their feedback. She also pointed the fact that Private school students were granted some vital experience by interacting with foreign schools students and faculties, now Indian government has proposed British government for interacting with tribal students and government school students for sharing the culture and information from both the sides which has received a positive response from British schools.

On the issue of language becoming a barrier as it is believed that English is mandatory to become successful, Smriti had her point as she recalled an incidence where she met a girl appearing for an entrance exam but she was timid as her colleagues would laugh on her accent which means it was more of consciousness and less of knowledge or skill. Smriti Irani firmly kept her point that education would be provided in all regional languages in near future which will stimulate confidence in non English speaking students.

Smriti Irani on Curriculums, Admissions and Cut offs

Mrs Smriti Irani was blunt about education system which at times pressurises students and she also accepted that, at time colleges cut offs and desired marks scares her as a Mother as it becomes an immense pressure for a bright students to clear the cut off for taking admission in desired colleges and universities. Mrs Irani said that this is the reason why government is encouraging new IIM’s, IIT’s, NIT’s and other such prestigious institutes though quality of education and credentials pertaining to these new institutes remains a challenge.

When asked about varying curriculums for colleges and schools which may be irrelevant at times, HRD Minister, Mrs Irani had her point that it’s the university’s decisions to opt for their curriculum though UGC and CBSE grant a specific target and curriculum for the students but as per HRD Minister, it’s the end authority which takes the final call on syllabus after discussing it with their faculties and responsible functioning group.

Smriti Irani denies Intolerance in India

HRD Minister, Mrs Smriti Irani was asked about the raging issue of Intolerance to which she replied in her own smiling style as she said, I am a Hindu woman who got married to a Parsi man and I didn’t grow my children as Hindu but as Parsi hence where is Intolerance in India which strengths the point that Intolerance is a more of a political issue and not a national Issue.

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