BMC Election 2017 result declared! Here are the stats


Update as on 24th February, 2017, 11:29 AM (IST) – Under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena have won the maximum seats in the BMC election. In the beginning, it was expected that Sena may even cross the mark of 95 seats, but slowly BJP gained the pace and lowered down the gap by a mere of 2 seats! Shiv Sena won 84 seats, while BJP won 82 seats, and by that, they both are now standing at their highest score ever in the BMC elections. Congress didn’t performed very well and won only 31 seats.

BMC Election Result 2017

Name of the Party Seats Won (No. of Corporators)
Shiv Sena 84
BJP 82
Congress 31
Others 14
Total Won 227/227.

Update 12:25 PM (IST) – Shiv Sena has already started celebrations at Shiv Sena Bhawan, as the party is leading with 77 seats and BJP is at 44 seats out of 155 seats, at the BMC elections 2017. Sena has emerged to be the most powerful contender in this election, while BJP is currently holding the 2nd position. The Congress trails at number 3 and leading in 13 seats. NDTV posted an GIF image of the Shiv Sena workers celebrating outside the Shiv Sena Bhawan.

Update as on 23rd February, 2017, 11:03 AM (IST) – Finally, the day has come when the BMC election 2017 result are about to declare. The counting of votes has already begun and there is a head on battle between BJP and Shiv Sena. After analyzing the current stats, it seems pretty much clear that once again Shiv Sena and BJP may have to come up together to come into rule. While, Shiv Sena started with the lead in the beginning, but slowly BJP is claiming some powerful digits and lowering down the gap. MNS, Owaisi’s AIMIM are walking very much closer to clean sweep. Also, Congress looks like losing ground here in BMC elections too! Till now, all of our predictions are proving to be right and stay tuned to this page for further more updates on BMC election results, as we are going to continuously update this page with more updated information.

The much asked question these days in Mumbai is about to get its answer real soon, as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) election results are going to be declared tomorrow i.e., on 23rd February 2017.

BMC Elections 2017
BMC Election 2017

This year BMC elections registered the highest voter turnout in 25 years at 55.28% and according to the senior BJP leader Madhav Bhandari, “a higher polling percentage works in favour of change.” Celebrities as well as politicians were caught using their right to vote and some posted their pics on the social media too, showing their inked finger.

Varun Dhawan also tried casting his vote, but he didn’t find his name in the list and was looking a bit shocked. Varun said that he will find out with Election Commission, that why his name is not on the list. According to him, he voted last year also and for which he got trolled by social media users, later for which he clarified, that it was just a slip of tongue.

BMC Exit Polls 2017

The exit polls clearly shows the sign, that no party would be able to claim the clear majority. Shiv Sena has been ruling over the BMC for the past 25 years and Uddhav Thackeray-led Sena is expected to bag 92-96 seats in the BMC elections 2017.

Currently nation’s biggest party BJP may get the benefit of increased voter count and in the past elections, the voter percentage for the party has increased. According to the exit polls, the state & nation ruling party may score the more than double seats than the previous BMC elections. The digits ranges from 78 to 86 seats.

Congress was once considered as the biggest rival, but now the party seems to be fading away and the exit polls shows, that it may not even cross the mark of 30 seats.

BMC Exit Polls shows the clear signs for MNS, that the party may not be even closer to call it as a competitor for Shiv Sena or others.

Owasi’s AIMIM also entered the fray, but didn’t seem that popular among the voters and is expected to receive a clean sweep in the BMC elections.

BMC Election Result 2017

After analyzing the exit polls, it is fairly clear, that there will be really tough competition between Shiv Sena and BJP. They may have to come together, but that means that before they form an alliance, they would be having rounds of tough negotiations to form a strong and stable power sharing formula.

State ruling party is surely not going to settle for less and to satisfy the demands, it would be a great matter of concern for Shiv Sena.

And ofcourse, the scenario would be completely different, if anyone of these 2 biggies lands near to the winning total of 114 seats, and even more interesting, if the votes silently slides in the favour of Congress!

A total of 2275 candidates are fighting the BMC elections on the total of 227 municipal wards and increase in the winning percentage of the individual candidates would be game changer for sure.

Also, according to sources, the betting market is on the move and nearly 3,000 crore are at stakes. Bookies are preferring Sena over BJP or any other party. Shiv Sena remains the favorite among the bookies, but BJP is also gaining fast. Congress remains among the least favorite in the betting market too.

Despite the fact that, BMC is the richest civic body of the nation, we often hear the news about the city struggling with the water issues. This merely seems to be a problem for an municipal corporation this huge, as it bags a whooping budget of Rs. 30,000 Crore (approx) annually.

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