BMW Not Ready to sell Domain to Google! Alphabet is more than a Name to BMW


Google’s ‘Alphabet’ is a registered name with BMW – Google recently announced its new parent company with the name of ‘Alphabet’ and its founder, Larry Page was named the CEO of this half of the Google and Sergey Brin would be the President of this firm. Google is under scrutiny with its registered name for the new parent company, Alphabet as it already a name for BMW’s fleet service chain and As per German Auto makers, they have no plans to sell the domain and Alphabet is a big part Of BMW’s business.

BMW Won’t give Alphabet to Google:

Google News

Google owned by Larry page and Sergey Brin had announced recently that Google is restructuring itself and Alphabet would be the Parent company thus dividing the Google’s work for the core product like Gmail, Chrome, Android to other distant projects of Self driving Cars, Fiber, Calico etc. Google announced the domain name for Alphabet which was

No Legal Action by BMW-

BMW has not taken any legal actions as if now and company would be investigating if Google’s Alphabet affects BMW processing’s. There are other companies as well with the name of Alphabet but Google would be aware of such things and would certainly avoid any tussle for the Domain name thing. Keep coming for more Alphabet Domain News.

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