Chris Martinโ€™s Coldplay Shoots Music Video in India: News


Chris Martinโ€™s Coldplay Shoots Special Video in India: News

Chris Martin Visited Mumbai with his band Coldplay to shoot a special video probably for their next song. Coldplay would be shooting at various locations in Mumbai.

Chris Martin in India
Coldplay shoots music video in India

Coldplay Shoots Music Video in Mumbai

Chris Martin had surprised Indian Audience with his astonishing performance in a club in Delhi this July and this time, Coldplay headed by Chris Martin amused us with Coldplayโ€™s appearance in Mumbai for a special Music Video shoot.

Chris Martin with his band members, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Championย was spotted with some Indian Children and were sporting clothes soaked in colours for the music Video which seems a theme pertaining to Indian Festival of Colours, Holi.

Coldplay visited Mumbai this Thursday are expected to be in City for 2-3 days and the complete music video will be captured at various places of the city. As per reports, The Music video will have some special offering for Indian Fans.

Coldplay, especially Chris Martin has been keen to visit the country in recent times and we wonโ€™t be surprised if the popular band organises their first ever concert in India.

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