Clash Arises in Trump’s Team over Romney and Giuliani as Secretary of State


Donald TrumpA clash arises among the republicans to influence the appointment of America’s top diplomat by President-elect Donald Trump. Argumentation is for two leading contenders- one is Mitt Romney and other is Rudolph W. Giuliani. Romney, who was nominated for US President by Republican Party in 2012, prospect to be the first choice of Trump as a secretary of state.

However, some of trump’s strong supporters opposed Romney’s appointment as he remarked the celebrity businessman, a fraud and conman during presidential campaign, but they suggested Giuliani who has been the loudest supporter of Trump from early in his campaign also he has been the former Mayor of New York City. Giuliani also has drawn scrutiny for his business dealings that could pose conflicts of interest.

Newt Gingrich, loyalist of Donald Trump also the former speaker of House of Lords and one of 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates expressed that Romney would represent “The kind of tough-minded, America’s first policies that Trump has campaigned on.”

Secretary of State, which must be confirmed by the Senate, is the President’s chief foreign affairs advisor and is tasked with carrying out his foreign policies through the State Department which is to be selected by Trump until next week. His Transition team said that there would be no new announcement till he announces more positions for top loyalists.

Some of Trump’s firm followers warn him against Romney as secretary of state. Kellyanne Conway, manager of trump’s campaign state an argument against placement of Romney in Trump’s Cabinet. She makes references to former secretary of state like Henery Kissinger and George Schultz who were loyal during republican’s administration.

Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich both are doubtful about the placement of Romney. But people who prefer Giuliani are anxious about his confirmation through Senate because of his foreign affairs. He even expressed that he is not interested in any other position.

Nonetheless, the split over the two provide opportunity to another candidates like John F. Kelly: former military commander, David H. Petraeus: the retire general and former C.I.A director and Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee.

A spokesperson, Jason Miller said that “The President-elect is meeting with a number of well-qualified potential selections for this important position who share his America First foreign policy-some of whom have been made public and others who have not-and the president-elect will make public his decision when he has finalized it”. It will be very interesting to see that who will finally succeed in attaining the position of America’s top diplomat in upcoming week.

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