Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan: Indian Agency Reports


Most Wanted Underworld Don, Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan as per the information in Dossier for NSA Meet.

Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan: Indian Agency Reports

1993 Mumbai Bomb Blast culprit and India’s Most Wanted, Dawood Ibrahim is confirmed to be in Pakistan  as per the information in the Dossier which was supposed to be presented to Pakistan in NSA Meeting  by India though Pakistan has taken a back step and is out of NSA Talk.

Information about Dawood Ibrahim in Dossier

As per the Indian Agency, Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan and he has 9 residences in the country while he also has 3 Passports with different Addresses which he uses for foreign trips. He uses these houses to change his locality frequently and at present, Dawood lives with his family in Siriy Jinnah Colony near Ziauddin Hospital in Karachi which he bought in September 2013. Security Agency also found Telephone bill of April, 2015 which was on the name of Dawood’s wife, Mahajabeen Sheikh. The agency has all the details regarding Dawood Ibrahim’s Family members Passport and Air Tickets.

Dawood Ibrahim’s Latest Picture

dawood found
Dawood in pakistan

The Security agency has also come up with latest picture of Dawood Ibrahim where he is clean saved and aged which also confirms that 1993 Blasts accused has not undergone any plastic surgery operation. A news channel had called Dawood Ibrahim on his residence phone where his wife Mahajabeen Sheikh had a talk with the reporter and she said that Dawood is sleeping and calling on the same number second time, Mrs Ibrahim said that she doesn’t know where Dawood is and to call after sometime.

Indian Government Take on the Information

Home Minister, Rajnath Singh had said that they have clear and full evidence of Dawood’s presence in Pakistan and they are eager to arrest him and bring back to India. The Indian government has planned to trap the Underworld Don though the plan and strategy can’t be revealed at this time.

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