Day-Night Test Rejuvenates Cricket with the Pink Ball Effect


The success of Day-Night test match will turn out to be a boon for Test Cricket with people tempting to see their stars as per their comfort. Day-Night Test between Australia and New Zealand was a huge plus from every aspect and the Pink Ball has cleared all the doubts the critics had.

Day-Night Test Revives Test Cricket

The concerns over the use of pink ball under the lights is finally shattered as first ever Day-Night Test Match i.e. ย Australia Vs New Zealand has received lauds from the cricket fanatics, experts and the players. The pink ball has worked its magic and its going to stay and so is Day-Night Test Match.

Australia Vs New Zealand
Day-Night Test Match at Adelaide Oval

Rejuvenation of Test Cricket via Day-Night Test and Pink Ball

The world witnessed an innovative initiative by Cricket Australia when Australia Vs New Zealand 3rd test match of Trans-Tasman trophy was played under lights with new pink ball. Australia won the match after intense tussle with their neighbours, New Zealand though more than Aussie victory, it was victory of cricket and especially Test Cricket which saw a historic transformation.

Day-Night Test Match is a huge Success and hereโ€™s the Stamp

  • The major reason for initiating Pink Ball cricket in dim lights was to bring back the crowd to the game, be it stadium or Television and it has surpassed the expectations quite comprehensively with more than 1,20,000 lakh footfalls in stadium within 3 days of match whereas more than 3.9 Million people watched the night and final session in Australia itself.
  • The use of pink ball for the first time also proved to be an equalizer between the batters and the bowlers as the ball did move quite a bit for most part of the play especially in night session. The game has been censured for being all about batsmen and now the new pink ball is offering something for the ball holder which is another encouraging sign.
  • The pink ball had been under scrutiny for its deterioration and visibility factor but all the worries were eroded after the successful event between Kiwis and Baggy Greens. Players applauded the latest inclusion and there were no reports against the pink ball on any front.
  • The match at Adelaide Oval was first real battle between Black Caps and Baggy Greens as previous two matches in Brisbane and Perth were all about batters thus proving the point that Pink ball under the lights provides the extra fuel needed to make the game equal for batters and bowlers.
  • Cricket Australia is enthralled with the success and now they are planning for next Day-Night Test Matches which may see Australia taking on Pakistan followed by South Africa. The future of Day-Night Test Cricket is definitely bright with every cricket playing nation and cricket followers applauding the initiative.
Future of Day-Night Test Matches in Other Nations

Australia has clearly passed the Day-Night Test Cricket event but it is important to look at its future aspects in other cricket playing nations as well. Nations similar to Australian conditions and facility must come forward and take the game to their turf. Hereโ€™s what Day-Night Cricket may face in other nations.

Sub Continent โ€“ It includes cricket playing nations like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, UAE and Bangladesh. Day-Night Test cricket canโ€™t be played with traditional red ball and white ball offers different things which mean these nations have to opt for pink ball. The stadiums need to have ample lights and ground staffs have to design the ground in such a way that, ball doesnโ€™t deteriorate easily. Another issue to be kept in mind is dew factor which is quite prominent in Asia. The matches should be organised in seasons where impact of dew is least as it damages seam and negotiates movement because gripping the ball becomes difficult.

New Zealand โ€“ Being neighbours to Australia, New Zealand shouldnโ€™t have much issues in starting the day-night tests though it gets cold there at night but good ground facilities and pitches will ensure good organising of the Day-Night Cricket Matches.

England โ€“ England may get very cold at times with continuous rains and cloudy weather. Nights get quite dark in England which may test Pink ballโ€™s visibility. Pink ball offers extra bit of swing under lights and England being natural swing destination to bowlers, it may become a herculean task for the batters to cope up with swing. Sorting these issues, England can prove to be another worthy place for Day-Night Test Cricket.

South Africa and West Indies โ€“ South Africa offers similar bouncy pitches to Australia whereas conditions are somewhat similar to Australian conditions. South Africa is known to have best stadiums and facilities which are quite ready to host their first Day-Night Test Matches probably with the pink ball (Dale Steyn would love this).

West Indies had fast and bouncy pitches but that the story of the past. WI Cricket can also prove to be a good destination for latest form but they need to sort their financial issues to organise such an event.

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