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Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 English Subbed – Last time on Dragon Ball Super we all saw the much awaited moment i.e., Gohan finally getting back into fighting mode and has been chosen as the leader of the Universe 7 for the Tournament of Power. Piccolo helped Gohan to reach his Mystic form and even helped him to get even stronger.

Piccolo helped Gohan to get stronger while fighting with Goku Gohan reached even higher heights and showed that how powerful can be the team of Gohan and Piccolo. But you have seen this all and you might be wondering what’s next!

DBS ep 91 spoilers

Only 4 and a half remains until the Tournament of Power begins and seems like Universe 7 is again in trouble and this time trouble relates to Buu. It is pretty much sure that Majin Buu is gone for the reasons unknown (as of now) but does that mean the annihilation of Universe 7?

Naah! cause that would simply mean no more Dragon Ball Super episodes and they have already released the titles of their upcoming episodes 😛 .

It would really interesting to see that how Gohan tackles such a situation because as seen in the DBS ep 91 preview, Gohan is preparing some strategy for the tournament and getting to know about the Buu issue he may have to think from the beginning and who knows that Gohan may become even stronger because of that push. It’sssss Frustratinggggggggg 😛 .

Mystic Gohan
Mystic Gohan

In the previous episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Yamcha successfully managed to stay on the screen for few seconds. Could that be considered as a clue that Yamcha is about to do something which he is really meant to do! Or the makers are going to do the same what they have been doing with him since some hundred episodes i.e., making fun of him haha!

Now, what I am about to tell you may be a bit shocking and you may not even believe it.

There is a fuss about Frieza!

Yes! you heard it right. Frieza can be called to rescue the Universe 7 from this frightening situation as he is stronger and even better fighter than Majin Buu!

Also, Vegeta will be training in the room of spirits and time and he will be needing it all in the Tournament as the Saiyan Prince has got one more precious one to save. On the other hand, Goku is showing signs that he is one the brink of new transformation and that will be as fascinating to see as always has been.

DBS ep 91 eng sub

Now, the most important and also for what you have been waiting for i.e., the real Dragon Ball Super episode 91 english subbed. Then as soon as it gets available we will be updating this page with the video. Of course with english subtitles!

Dragon Ball Super ep 91 title – The strongest warriors unite.

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