Dilemma Over Net Neutrality


Net Neutrality has been the trending subject lately and the debate over its pros and cons have been raging one among the netizens. Many organisations have supported this concept of Independent Internet but some count on the demerits of it. It is mandatory to clear the dilemma pertaining to Net Neutrality and provide people with clear knowledge of what Net Neutrality is and what wonders it can do for them.

The basic concept of Net Neutrality is the principle that all the internet data should be treated equally by the government and Internet Service Providers (ISP) i.e. all the internet user would be on same level and all the internet traffic would be treated equally. There would be no extra charging and differentiation by the users, content, communication mode, type of data attached, website, platform or applications. The user would be accessible to any website with just one data pack. For example we donโ€™t pay electricity bills based on the type of electrical appliance we use similarly we should not be charged for the type of app.

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality can be stated as open internet where the user can access the web as per their needs and are not answerable to the ISPs, as we donโ€™t have to provide information to the Cellular companies about where we call and what we talk similarly Net Neutrality provides us with free speech and demands Open network where ISPs are not concerned with the content we search and website we visit. No Net Neutrality allows the ISP to control the speed of the internet and also its access; it could charge extra and even block the content as per their benefits.

Indian government has no legal law for the concept of Net Neutrality thus these principles are violated by some ISPs here. The debate over internet for all began once Airtel (Telecommunication Company) announced for extra charges for voice calls on the apps like Whatsapp and Skype.

TRAI has asked for the opinion of the netizens for the support of Net Neutrality and it has gained very positive response as it has received umpteen numbers of mails supporting this concept, TRAI has been criticized lately for revealing the email id and user names of the people who commented and had their opinion.

Net Neutrality can be a very positive concept in developing country like India, it gives small firms and Start-ups a fair and equal chance to promote, advertise and expand their network, as the big names in the business field have done. This concept would stop the Internet Service Providers manipulating the internet for their benefits and give every individual an equal and viable chance of internet use.

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