Dragon Ball Super (DBS) Episode 82 Spoilers – Daishinkan saves Goku!


This is not the first time that Goku made anyone angry by his reckless activities, but this time it seems like he messed with a wrong one! In the end of the episode 81, Toppo the Warrior of Justice intruded and challenged Goku, which Goku accepted and was looking very happy.

Toppo is one of the most powerful character and he possesses strength of a level so amazing, that he has been recruited as the next God of Destruction of Universe 11.

Toppo Vs Goku

Right after defeating his rival Bergamo of Universe 9, Goku was celebrating his victory, but then suddenly, Toppo intrudes and called Goku as evil for pulling his and other Universes in trouble. Not only Toppo, but other Gods and contestants from all the Universes were disappointed over the Saiyan’s victory and were cursing him for his reckless behavior.

Goku said that he was waiting for an strong opponent like Toppo and wasn’t looking bothered even a bit by Toppo’s challenge and evil remark. Goku wasn’t aware of the strength of Toppo. However, as always Goku enjoys fighting against stronger opponents and the hero is expecting a serious competition from Toppo.

Toppo’s strength is not the only thing to worry about, but he also has a unique ability to combine his brute force with his temper and on top of all, that guy is hot-headed.

DBS EP 82 Spoilers

Toppo not only intruded the victory celebration of Goku, but also intruded while Great Priest, Daishinkan was delivering his message about the Omni King’s Tournament of Power, Battle Royale.

According to the Dragon Ball Super EP 82 Spoilers, after having a tough fight with Toppo, Goku may find himself in precarious state and near to that, Great Priest will interrupt in between and will call off the fight. Sounds like Great Priest saves Goku’s life.

Episode 82 will be more about the battle between Toppo and Goku. Some minutes before the end, Great Priest will intrude and will remind the contestants and Gods of all Universes about the time remaining for Battle Royale i.e., about 40 hours left.

It may sound as there will not be much fun in upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episodes, but the fight between the Warrior of Justice and Evil Goku would be quite interesting.

Apart from the fighting and evil stuff, Vegeta is finally about to meet his new born daughter ‘Bola’ in DBS Episode 83. Toei Animation is expected to show only a glimpse of Bulma and Vegeta carrying his daughter ‘Bola’, atleast in the preview.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 has been titled as ‘Never Forgive Son Goku! Toppo The Warrior of Justice Intrudes!!” There is a little bit change in schedule and fans have to wait even more to see the fight between Toppo and Goku and baby ‘Bola’, as DBS Ep 82 is not airing on 12th March, 2017. Instead, it has been scheduled to be aired on next date i.e., 19th March 2017.

Dragon Ball Super Episode Schedule

The schedule for the next episodes is as –

  • DBS ep 82 date – 19th, March, 2017.
  • DBS ep 83 – 26th, March 2017.
  • DBS ep 84 – 2nd April, 2017.

Vegeta will join Goku in the Battle Royale along with Kririn. Also, as per DBS ep 83 & ep 84 spoilers, Goku will ask Kririn’s wife No. 18 to participate in the tournament. Even, he will be asking Dende to know about Android No. 18. Goku seems to be very picky this time, as the fate of the entire Universe is now in his hands and not to forget about Lord Beerus.

After becoming father of newly born daughter Bola, Vegeta will be more aggressive than ever and cautious too, in the Omni King’s tournament. This is not it, as Omni King stated in the beginning only, the fight should be interesting, otherwise, he would wipe the entire Universe in a single blow.

The DBS Spoilers for ep 83 and ep 84 will be posted shortly! Till then, share your views and comments below about the Dragon Ball Super series. Keep visiting ThatsBreaking and keep on rocking.


  1. I agree to Tom and would like to see some ass beating of goku as he has complete retard these days. By the way nice layout buddy

  2. Could you please provide us a link of DBS ep 82 trailer. I agree to all the points you discussed for the Dragon Ball Super Spoiler. I am a great fan of dragon ball anime series and yeah it is a bit sad that episode 82 is not airing on 12th March. Thanks!


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