DU students worship Disha Patani as ‘Damdami Mai’ on Valentine’s Day


Yeah, you read it right! Students of Delhi University are worshiping Disha Patani on Valentine’s day. According to them, they are worshiping Disha Patani as ‘Damdami Mai’, in the hopes to lose their virginity.

Virgin Tree of Hindu College
Virgin Tree of Hindu College

Disha Patani, who recently appeared in the MS Dhoni: The Untold Story and also in the Jackie Chan’s latest movie Kung Fu Yoga, has just got whole new level of honor 😛 . Forget about Oscar or filmfare, Disha may have never thought of this level of honor from her fans, but here is how she got it anyway.

This incident is of the iconic Hindu College in Delhi, where every year ‘holy’ hostelers choose one actress as ‘Damdami Mai’ and worships her to help them in loosing their virginity. This time they chose Disha Patani as their ‘Damdami Mai’ and this news went viral all over the internet.

Every year just before the valentine week, the students of the Hindu College calls for a meeting. They unanimously decide a actress to be their ‘Damdami Mai’. After that a fresher student has to perform the role of Pandit to pacify the Goddess.

The Virgin Tree
The Virgin Tree

This is not it! After the fresher is done with his role of being a Pandit, they then decorate the famous ‘Virgin Tree’ with condoms and with the posters of the actress which they choose as their ‘Damdami Mai’, and the students gave this honor to Disha Patani this year.

Nargis Fakhri was one of the nominee but unfortunately she lost it all to Disha Patani. Our deepest condolences to Nargis 😛 , and yeah make sure that you don’t talk trash about & to Disha Patani – the ‘Damdami Mai’, unless you would like to stay a Virgin for the rest of your life! and maybe in the next life too! Who knows 😛 .

Disha Patani as Damdami Mai
Disha Patani

‘Legend’ says that those who participate in this ritual, find their love within a mere of 6 months and lose their virginity within a year!

Trolling of this ritual has just begun and God knows how much publicity these holy hostelers may get and how much more struggle they got to do to lose their virginity. Best Wishes!


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