Facebook Teases with Alternate Dislike Button: News


Social Networking site, Facebook has added new features or emoticons alongside Like button to let users express their feelings in a better way.

Facebook initiates a Better Expressing Feature

Facebook Reaction Options
Facebook Reaction Options

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook announced that Facebook has launched the testing feature which allows various expressive emoticons alongside Like button to express the user’s feeling in better way. The testing has been incorporated in Spain and Ireland, based on the results, Facebook will make it available everywhere.

Facebook has been working on Dislike button options as users have frequently asked for such an option to express their empathy for some posts or sharing to which Facebook has responded in kind of innovative way. The feature is not exactly a disliking option though it allows you to have your views and express yourself in better ways.

Facebook launched these reactions of Love, Awe, Humour and Sadness which will be seen once you long press or hover over like button. These reactions are not providing disliking options but they allow users to express their feeling of delight, astonishment, sorrow or warmth.

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