Facebook’s New Tool, Signal: Trending News and Topics


Facebook Launches New Tool: ย โ€˜Signalโ€™ for Latest News

Facebook has launched a new tool named Signal which will allow users especially journalists to search for the latest breaking and trending news across the globe.

Signal tool
Facebook launches new tool, Signal

Signal, the New Tool by Facebook: News

Social Networking website, Facebook has provided a new tool for its users through which the user can search for the breaking or trending news around the world. This feature is especially added for the journalists as they can search for the trending and latest buzzing topics for writing the news.

Facebook already provides the trending topics which are trending on Facebook that entirely depends on Facebook users and people talking about the topics on Facebook or sharing about some specific subjects.

Signal tool will allow the users especially journalists or bloggers to search for the latest trending news or breaking topics and hence write about the same or share the news via their Daily websites, blogs or advertising thing.

The tool, Signal will be available to the entire journalist for no fee i.e. free of cost. The tool will provide the latest, trending and breaking news via the information and posts shared or searched by 1.5 Billion Facebook users and 30 Crore Instagram users.

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