Farmer Gajendra Singh Committed Suicide in Kejriwal’s AAP Rally


What AAM AADMI wants? Who is AAM AADMI? And who cares of AAM AADMI?

There are many such questions raised because of the incidence that our country witnessed on April 21, 2015. A Farmer from Rajasthan named Gajendra Singh hanged himself and what makes it more questionable and horrifying that it all happened in the presence of honourable Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal. People in huge number were gathered at Jantar Mantar (Delhi) for the AAP Party rally, where AAP leaders were supposed to give speech including the CM Arvind Kejriwal, there were thousands of Aam Aadmi Party workers present there to hear to their leaders which includes people like Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishawas, Sanjay Singh and CM Kejriwal himself.

Gajendra Singh

A farmer named Gajendra Singh from Rajasthan climbed the Tree and threatened to hang himself if he was not granted his rights, he complained that his farms were ruined because of unseasonal rains while some people asked him to come down but moreover the focus was the speech of AAP leaders. Each and every person present there saw this drama but no one actually tried to bring that man down, neither Delhi police nor AAP Leaders were concerned about Gajendra Singh, he hung himself and he was died by the time he was brought down.

Was it not possible to save him ? or no one had any intention to save him ? AAP Leaders were focusing on the their speech and not on the Farmer. If CM Kejriwal had just ordered the Delhi Police or even his party members then Gajendra would have been alive today, after the incidence some AAP Leaders gave sarcastic comments like โ€œ its CM Kejriwalโ€™s mistake not to climb the tree and bring that farmer down, next time he would climb and bring people downโ€, now this shows sentiments of such Leaders who say that they are for common people or more precisely a ‘Mango Man for the Mango People’ and stand by them, but they give such comments.

Itโ€™s horrendous to see such incidence happening in presence of countryโ€™s responsible individuals, a speech and motivating your members can never be more important than any individual’s life, Gajendra Singh could have been saved if really intended to.

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