Fifa Secretary General Jerome Valcke faces Suspension:News


Fifa Secretary General Jerome Valcke Suspended: News

Jerome Valcke has been suspended from the post of Fifaโ€™s Secretary General following the ticketing scam in Fifa Football world cup 2014 in South Africa.

Jerome Valcke Suspended
Valcke Suspension

Fifa Secretary General Jerome Valcke under Scrutiny

Fifa has suspended its Secretary General Jerome Valcke till further notice as he is alleged to be involved in ticketing scam of Fifa World Cup 2014 held in South Africa.

An American- Israeli Consultant , Benny Alon had claimed Valcke’s involvement in the Ticket Scam in which tickets were sold at inflated price and the profit was shared. The company to which Alon was related had a deal for selling the tickets but the deal was cancelled later.

Fifaโ€™s Statement on Jerome Valcke Suspension

โ€œValcke has been put on leave and released from his duties effective immediately until further notice,”.

“Further, Fifa has been made aware of a series of allegations involving the secretary general and has requested a formal investigation by the Fifa Ethics Committee.”

This is not the first time when Jerome Valcke is under scrutiny for any allegations as he had been filed for $10 million payment from South Africa for being the host to Fifa World Cup 2014. Fifaโ€™s President Sepp Blatter had to resign because of this allegation.

Jerome Vlacke’s answer to allegations

Valckeโ€™s US Based Attorney has given statement to defend Valcke against Benny Alonโ€™s allegations. As per the statement,

โ€œJerome Valcke unequivocally denies the fabricated and outrageous accusations by Benny Alon of alleged wrongdoing in connection with the sale of World Cup tickets,”.


The statement states,โ€œValcke never received or agreed to accept any money or anything else of value from Mr Alon.”

All dealings between Valcke and Alon’s company had been cleared by Fifa’s legal department.

As has been reported, Fifa entered into an agreement with Mr Alon’s company, JB Sports Marketing,” andย โ€That agreement and Fifa’s subsequent business dealings with Mr Alon were vetted and approved by Fifa and its legal counsel.”

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