Google-Tata Online Course: Android Nanodegree Course


Google and Tata Trusts Collaborate for Android Nanodegree Course

Tech Giant Google and Tata Trustsย have join hands for Android Nanodegree Course which aims to provide online education for Android App development in India.

Google-Tata combines for Android Nanodegree course: News

Google and Tata
Tata and Google provide Android Nanodegree Course

Tata Trusts and Google have come together to make India a mobile application hub as they have launched an online education programme which aims to educate people about Android app development and make their career in the same.

App development programme would also provide an online degree and individuals interested in learning app development and other things related to it can do so via this Android Nanodegree Course.

Online App Development Course: Android Nanodegree Course

Individuals can learn app development from anywhere and also have a degree for the course which will obviously help them to build their career in the field. Tata-Google would also provide Nanodegree Scholarship which will be granted to deserving candidates through some test procedures.

App development is already a growing market and with such a program from Google and Tata Trusts, students are assured to be benefited.

You can also register yourself for this Android Nanodegree Course and yeah keep visiting us for more such exciting updates.

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