Here Comes All New Microsoft’s Edge – Successor To IE


Microsoft โ€˜Edgeโ€™ Unveiled –

Microsoft has finally unveiled the new web browser Edge for Windows Devices which is said to be the successor to present web browser Internet Explorer. Microsoft has been working on this secretive project for quite a time and had temporarily named it โ€˜Project Spartanโ€™. Edge would be supported by all the Windows 10 and future Windows Devices. Edge would likely replace Internet Explorer but for now Microsoft has decided to continue with heavily used Internet Explorer.

Edge as per the official is more user friendly, contemporary and efficient browser. It is faster and lighter then presents Internet Explorer and has added values like Reading mode which is distraction free, built-in notation tool, information of the website through Cortana and Personal voice assistance app for Windows.

Microsoft Edge

As per the vice president of Microsoft Joe Belfiore, Edge would support the widest range of Windows 10 devices and its name reflects the idea of being on the edge of consuming and creating. Also refers to the developer notion of being closest to modern capabilities of web.

Edge comprises of Cortana which learn things and help things done for the user , other important feature is introduction of ability for the user to engage with the site and give a shot to writing web code, which can be put into an app via web extensions built into Microsoft Edge thus people can discover and engage with the web code on the websites by the developers.

Microsoft would soon make its launch and it would run for all the Windows 10 and upcoming operating system devices of Windows.

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