Iran Radio: ISIS Chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead


Radio Iran has claimed that the Leader of Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Abu Bakr al โ€“ Baghdadi is dead. Earlier it was reported by The Guardian that ISIS Chief was badlyย injured in United States lead Air attack in March, 2015.

Al-BaghdadiAs per the reports al-Baghdadi was injured in the Air strike while he was in al-Baaj district of Nineveh, close to the border of Syria. It was also stated that he is making slow recovery but is not able to do his regular work of controlling the Jihadists.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was 40 years old (Approx) and he had a bounty of US $10 million on his head. He took the control of ISIS in 2010 and since then he formed an independent transnational military force from a small local branch of Al Qaeda. He controlled the movement of jihadist and was the chief of every ISIS activity across the globe.

ISIS under the leadership of Baghdadi had controlled the areas of northern and western Iraq in 2014 by derailing the Iraq army and Area police. They abducted the locals and implemented strict Islamic laws in their captured areas and thus catching the interest of communities across the world.

Baghdadi was in al-Baaj district of Nineveh as it was one of the areas where US Army hardly had any cover. The severe injury to Baghdadi had concerned the ISIS Leaders and they are said to have an urgent meeting to choose their new leader. As per the latest reports Abu Alaa Afri a former Physics teacher is chosen as the new leader of ISIS and he would be handling the movements and activities of ISIS and jihadists.

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