Japan’s Education Minister Ready to Resign For Olympic 2020 Troubles


Hakubun Shimomura had recently provided his resignation taking all the charge for incompetency in making the Tokyo National Stadium, which is the proposed main venue for Olympic Games 2020.

Shimomura With All Honor Accepted The Incompetency :

Olympic 2020
Olympic 2020

Shimomura on Friday informed the president of Japan, Shinzo Abe, about his decision. But the Prime Minister asked him to wait until the Cabinet reshuffles. Shimomura is the head of Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology. He and some other officials were designated with the responsibility of overseeing all the Olympic 2020 Games preparation.

Shimomura to the Media had said-

” It Is True That This Has Caused Much Concern And Inconvenience And Thus I Submitted My Resignation To Prime Minister Abe”

Local Media of Japan, had added another information to the matter, that the decision making for main venue for Olympic Games 2020 was obstructed due to some senior officials. This also includes Yoshiro Mori who at present is the President of Tokyo’s Organising committee.

The Earlier Proposed Model Was Rejected :

The IRAQI-BRITISH architect named Zaha Hadid presented the model for Tokyo National Stadium, but the model got severe protest from the officials citing that the model is extra costly, massive and of Ultra modern and impractical shape.

Early 2020 Is The Deadline –

All the officials are looking for a fix as how to proceed, because the construction process is getting delays again and again. The organising committee has a fear that whether they can complete the construction by early 2020 according to their deadline.

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