La Tomatina Festival celebrates its 70th Anniversary


La Tomatina Festival celebrates its 70th Anniversary

The worldโ€™s Biggest Food Fight, La Tomatina celebrates its 70 Years in Bunol, Spain.

La Tomatina Festival celebrated in Spain

Today Bunol, a Small Town in Valencia, Spain celebrates the La Tomatina Festival for 70 th time since 1945. La Tomatina is a cultural festival celebrated on last Wednesday of August for around One Hour in Bunol, Spain where people pelt each other with Tomatoes as part of celebration.

La Tomatina google doodle
La Tomatina’s 70 Years

La Tomatina Festival History

La Tomatina is celebrated as a cultural ritual which took place back in 1945. It is said that a troop of protesters in ancient Spain had attacked the police with Tomatoes which they picked from vegetable stalls which became a pattern in following years though official authorities tried to stop this tomato throwing act but it was officially announced as a festival in 1957 and since then the tomato throwing ceremony is as an act of celebration and ecstasy.

La Tomatina Festival 2015

This year La Tomatina celebrates its 70 summers and tickets are sold online for 10 Euros. About 1, 40,000 Kg Ripe tomatoes are being fetched to make them available to the crowd and celebrate La Tomatina.

Google Doodle for La Tomatina Festival 2015

Spain is ready to host thousands of people and turn red with Tomatoes at La Tomatina Festival which also makes for the Googleโ€™s Doodle as Google has designed the Doodle by Nate Swinehart which features animated celebration of La Tomatina. Google Doodle for La Tomatina Festival also features the pole which is gammon hoisted and it should be untied before the tomato throwing ceremony begins.

Be with us for such exciting news and events updates and go red with google and La Tomatina though it can be an expensive celebrations in India with Tomatoes Prices (Onion ignored).

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