Loudmouth’s challenge accepted, Goldberg confirms return to WWE



The most awaited match of the WWE is about to happen, as the wrestling legend finally confirms the comeback to WWE. Bill Goldberg was last seen in the ring about 12 years ago at WrestleMania XX and once again the legend is all set to step into the ring to answer Paul Heyman’s challenge.

The credit for the legend’s return goes to Heyman, however, he won’t like to roam around the ring while Goldberg comes steps the ring against the Brock Lesnar to answer his challenge because of his words which he used while challenging Goldberg.

The rumours are running since a long ago, while the potential comeback signal was planted by WWE 2K17 all the way back in May and at the SummerSlam also in August, fans were chanting Goldberg after Brock brutalised Randy Orton.

Last week Goldberg appeared on the SportsCenter with Jonathan Coachman (former WWE reporter). In the interview Coachman asked Goldberg about the return to WWE and the 49 year old legend replied –

“You never say never, if anybody can do it, it’s me. I’m going to do a lot of soul searching and I’m going to talk to my family and I’m going to figure out what Goldberg wants to do.”

On Monday’s episode of Raw, Paul Heyman came out and challenged Bill Goldberg for a match against Brock Lesnar.

Golberg posted an update on Twitter that he will make an appearance on Monday Night Raw ‘to answer that big mouth’ – he added, before the show ended.

Brock Lesnar has been winning almost against everyone and improving himself since ever, while, Goldberg mentioned himself, that he will have to do some intense training to get back in the shape and to fight Lesnar.


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