Mamata protests against the army stationed in West Bengal by centre


Mamata BanerjeeChief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee has alleged centre government for infringing the rules and the understanding between state and centre. She protested against the army deployed near Nabanna without the prior permission of state. She alleged that central government placed army men at 19 different places in West Bengal without informing the state government. When asked the junior army officials, they replied โ€œjust a routine exerciseโ€.

As described by Banerjee, army personnel were posted at the toll tax counter on Vidyasagar Setu (bridge) connecting Kolkata and Howrah to check vehicles due to which people suffered lots of inconveniences. She added that centre is trying to create a civil war like situation in the country.

On the other side, Army called all the allegations as โ€˜Baselessโ€™. According to them, they released a letter to Bengal Police and communicate about the annual routine exercise to collect statistical data for army to use in case of any emergency. Although, Kolkata police said that they wrote back to army, not to exercise near Nabanna and asked to consider any other place.

Ms Banerjee tweeted, โ€œVery unfortunate. Army stationed in front of Nabanna the Bengal state secretariat in a high security zone, in spite of Police objection. I am waiting here at the secretariat and watching, to guard our democracy.โ€

The defense minister Manohar Parrikar, was also shocked to see that Army is being dragged into controversy, just for the sake of political frustration. He also told that army was conducting routine exercise, which it conducts every year in different states as done in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand last year. It is done with the consent of police officials.

Where, opposition supported Mamata Banerjee and brought up the matter to both the Houses of Parliament and decided to disrupt both the houses since the winter session starts. But Governor of the West Bengal Keshri Tripathi didnโ€™t favor the CMโ€™s remarks on deployment of army at toll tax. To which Banerjee accused him for speaking in the voice of central government.

Mayawati leader of Bahujan Samaj Party also supports CM and said โ€œwe need Army, but Army comes only after the permission of the state. They have come without the permission in West Bengal; this is an attack on the federal system.โ€

Banerjee also claimed that Army Officials were taking money from vehicles on duty which they are not supposed to do. Army again counter her accusations and explained that the exercise was done with conformity and withdrew around 11 pm on Thursday after completing the exercise but CM refused their withdrawal from other 18 places of the state.

Now, the question arises, whether it is the matter of political frustration by Mamata Banerjee as said by defense minister or centre is actually pursuing Political Vendetta over currency ban clash as said by Ms Banerjee, no one knows except these governments.


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