Mark Zuckerberg to Visit IIT Delhi, India: News


Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg would be visiting India and he will attend a question answer session at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi on October 28.

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Mark Zuckerberg India Tour

Mark Zuckerberg to Visit IIT Delhi and Host Question-Answer Session

CEO of Social Networking website, Facebook would be in Delhi where he will directly connect to audience present in IIT Delhi and he will answer to their question in a question-answer session.

Zuckerberg will host a session of answering the questions for which he asked Facebook users to write their questions in comment box as he is excited about answering the questions of Indian users.

Mark Zuckerberg had posted on his Facebook account where he mentioned that he would in IIT Delhi to answer the queries of Indian users and as 13 Crore of Facebook users are Indian, hence he is excited to hear from the most active and busy community at Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has already showed his love for India and its importance to Facebook. Mark and Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had attended such a session on September 27 at Facebook headquarters, Sao Paulo.

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