Mark Zuckerberg’s Question-Answer Session in IIT Delhi


Mark Zuckerberg was in IIT Delhi for Townhall meeting where he attended a question & answer session to answer the questions of students and Internet users about Facebook, and Indiaโ€™s role in Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Talks about Facebook and Internet in IIT Delhi

Facebook CEO
Mark Zuckerberg at IIT Delhi

CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg hosted a question-answer session in IIT Delhi where he talked about Facebook future plans, Facebookโ€™s idea of connecting people to Internet and Indiaโ€™s role in Facebook.

Zuckerberg firmly said that, India is one of the most vital nations to Facebook and its future plans with large chunk of Facebook users coming from India. He also added that, it is impossible to connect to world via Internet without Indiaโ€™s participation. Zuckerberg also pointed on the fact that, it is impossible to Free Internet though his is working on the plan to provide Internet to maximum number of people around the world. Mark supported Net Neutrality and dismissed the allegations of Facebook trying to dominate the internet via and his support to Net Neutrality.

Mark Zuckerberg Answers to Students at IIT Delhi

Facebookโ€™s owner was thrilled with the idea of communicating with Indian students and he raptly answered each and every question thrown at him. When asked about his love for India especially pertaining to Facebook, he answered, India plays key role in Facebook optimistic plans especially due to large number of Facebook users in the country. He also said that, Technology can make us Super power. He also talked about tools to make blind people use the net with more ease.

Mark Zuckerberg was in his famous grey tee and he was humble enough to click picture with the students in IIT and answer their questions. Mark also highlighted Facebookโ€™s role in developing better way of education and providing jobs with contagiousness of Internet. He said, with 10 people connecting via Facebook, one individual is able to get a job. He also encouraged young students to initiate Start Ups and be an entrepreneur hence providing jobs rather than seeking it.

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