Mumbai Blasts 1993 Decision: Yakub Memon To Be Hanged


Yakub Memon To Be Hanged on 30th July – The declared Culprit for 1993 Mumbai Blast Yakub Memonโ€™s last hope for delaying his sentence to be hanged went in vague when The Supreme Court rejected a curative petition filed by Yakub Memon. This decision means that Yakub would be hanged on July 30 in Nagpur Central Jail which happens to be his birthday. Yakub had filed a curative petition to Governor of Maharashtra so that he could save his life or delay the sentence but his appeal was declined by the Supreme Courtโ€™s Judge Honourable HL Dattu and his three member committee. As per committee the basis of appeal by Yakub was beyond the Supreme Courtโ€™s boundaries in which Yakub asked for mercy as he has health issues since 1996 and he claimed that court canโ€™t pass different judgement of hang till death and lifetime imprisonment for same crime but his appeal was declined.

Mumbai Blasts 1993 Decision:

Yakub was sentenced for hanging by Supreme Court on March 21, 2013 but after the decisionย the case went to open court for revision for the sentence where it was declined as court said there is no reason to interfere in Supreme Courtโ€™s judgement.

Yakub Memon is the first culprit of 1993 Mumbai Blasts who will be hanged. The special TADA Court had announced for death sentence to Yakub and 10 others involved in Mumbai blasts which killed 257 people and more than 700 people were injured at 12 various places. 100 people were found guilty for this inhuman act by TADA court on November, 2006.

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