Myntra: First ‘Mobile App only’ E-commerce from 15th May 2015


One of the largest online fashion retailer, Myntra will be shutting down its official website and turn to only mobile app entity from May 15, 2015. Myntra will shift to an exclusive mobile app-based model as internet usage on the Smartphone has been a revolution in India and Myntra believes that this step would bring the retailer closer to the customer as online fashion is a personalised one and can be experienced best through the closest device to the customers which happens to be the Smartphone lately. Company believes that mobile app would be innovative as it can adapt to viewerโ€™s location, latest purchases and allow users to execute the app from any location irrespective of time


Myntra deals with online fashion and comprises of various clothing and personal accessories brands. It was bought by another e-commerce honcho Flipkart for $300 million though it functions independently. Recently, both Myntra and Flipkart have shutdown their mobile websites and have directed users to their respective mobile apps. Currently, Myntra draws around 80% of traffic and 70% of sale through mobile app therefore, it has decided to go with mobile app only and it has informed the users through e-mail and print ads in National dailies.

We provide you with the exact text of the email:

โ€œDear Customer,

This May 15, 2015, Myntra is taking the first step towards the future of fashion shopping- we move on from the desktop to being exclusively available on the App.

We believe fashion is a personal experience. Your sense of style, the brands you wear, the trends you choose to follow are unique to you. What inspires you to look good changes and evolves every day. The best fashion experience therefore, is a truly personalised and engaging one tht only possible through the device that is closest to you โ€“ your mobile. Thank you so much for being part of Myntraโ€™s exciting journey. We look forward to bringing you a new age fashion experience, and being your personal fashion assistant anytime, anywhere. This is only the beginning


All of us at Myntraโ€

Lets keep an eye on the performance of Myntra in the upcoming weeks and also that how good there decision is about the ‘App Only’ idea.

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