Narendra Modi in UAE


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is on the tour of UAE-Dubai which is supposed to be beneficial for both the Countries and relationship with India

Narendra Modi’s UAE Tour: PM Visits Gulf Country

Modi's UAE Visit
Narendra Modi in UAE

Our Honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is on the Tour of United Arab Emirate which is fist ever tour of an Indian PM after 34 Years. Modi’s visit basically focuses on to control the Terrorism; Handle Underworld’s functioning, bring more industrial opportunities to India, bring investment to India and Progress in Defence Field.

Narendra Modi in UAE

PM visited Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Modern City Madsar and had meetings with corporate tycoons and businessmen. Modi has been assured of investment of 4.5 Lakh Crore by the Prince and land has been provided Crown Prince in the gulf country to build the First Ever Temple here. Modi visited the Modern city of Madsar where he went to see PRT vehicle and did E signature where he wrote “Science is life”. He observed the modern city’s town plan to see the chances to emulate the same plan in India.

Modi’s take on Dawood

Modi’s discussion included the Topic of Dawood Ibrahim and to control his action in Gulf Countries to take a step to eradicate the Terrorism and Underworld’s activity in India. It is expected that Dawood’s property and business would be affected after this meeting.

Narendra Modi addressed Indians at Dubai Cricket Ground

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressed thousand of Indian and people from UAE at Dubai International Cricket ground where he was welcomed warmly with huge applause and cheers. He talked about various topics which were highlighted by India’s Development, India’s Growth as a Super Power, and India’s Relation with UAE and great scope for investment in India. Main Highlights of Modi’s Speech were “Dubai visit is important and good work”, ”There is huge possibility in India for investment and India is one of the fastest growing nation”, ”There is nothing like good terrorism and bad terrorism’, “It took 34 years for a PM to visit the country where 700 flights fly from India everyday”,” World sees India in different way which is because of 125 Crore Indians”. Modi Praised the Indians living in UAE and lauded their efforts to bring finance to their Country.

It is expected that this visit of our PM would work in country’s favour and bring more investment, reduce terrorism and increase our nation’s growth rate.

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