NASA Found New Earth Like Planet Kepler-452b – 60% Larger in Size


NASA discovers Earth’s Similar Planet – National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has discovered a Planet which is according to NASA is the most similar Planet to Earth found yet. NASA’s Spacecraft Kepler has spotted this planet that is closest to Earth’s size in the habitable zone of star similar to our star. The researchers are not sure about the presence of Air or Water and its constructing elements of the planet but still it is the closest match to our planet. The new found Planet takes about 385 days to orbit its star which is very similar to Earth’s 365 days.

Kepler-452b: New Earth Like Planet:

Kepler-452b, named planet is about 60% larger in size as compared to Earth’s size has twice the gravity to Earth’s and it is 1,400 light years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. The New found Planet by Kepler spacecraft of NASA is in its star’s habitable zone which increases the chances of presence of Water on its surface. Kepler 452b is quite far from its star in comparison to Earth’s distance to Sun but its star is brighter hence the sunlight would be quite similar to Earth’s.

As per Researcher, Jon Jenkins “Today, Earth is little less lonely” and the planet is almost certain to have an atmosphere though the composing elements can’t be assured yet but it is expected that it’s atmosphere would be thicker theplaran Earth’s and presence of Active Volcanoes is quite possible. According to Jenkins “That’s substantial opportunity for life to arise, should all the necessary ingredients and conditions for life exist on this planet”.

Kepler Spacecraft was launched in 2009 for surveying a portion of the Milky Way for habitable planets and the cost of the mission was $600 million. For further more updates on Kepler 452b stay in touch with us.

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