Nestle Maggi Clears Test, to be Back Soon in Market


Nestlรฉโ€™s instant Noodle, Maggi is all set to be back in Indian market after it passed the test from three laboratories as instructed by Bombay high court.

Maggi clears the Tests Instructed by High Court

Bombay high Court
Maggi clears Tests

Nestle India will be relieved after its immensely popular Instant Noodle; Maggi cleared the tests for excessive led in it. Maggi has cleared all the required tests which are mandatory for the product sale in market.

Bombay High Court had selected three laboratories for the test of Maggi Samples and Nestlรฉโ€™s noodle has passed all the criteria hence it may soon be available in market. 90 samples of 6 Maggi variants were sent to authorized laboratories as per the guidance of Bombay High court and all the variants have cleared the tests where quantity of led is much below the specified mark.

Maggi has been facing ban across the country for excessive amount of led in it and now after its clearance test, it is expected that Maggi will be soon available in market.

Nestle India has said that, it will start the sale of Maggi once the newly produced Maggi samples also clear the tests from all the three laboratories as specified by Bombay High Court.

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