Ph.D. student Rahul Chaudhary hanged himself inside hostel of SVBP Meerut


Rahul Chaudhary, 25 years old Ph.D. student of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (SVBP) University of Agriculture and Technology ends his life one day before the Independence Day inside the hostel.

Rahul was a resident of Village Oon, Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. As per sources, 2 professors of the varsity were harassing Rahul due to his surname i.e., ‘Chaudhary’ and told him to pull down his surname and they would let him complete his research work. The main culprit ‘Prof. Rajveer Singh’ was his advisor and some days before Rahul went to his advisor and pleaded that he is very tensed and he will have to die if he won’t be able to complete his research work on time but as mentioned in the suicide note Professor said that he doesn’t care whether he lives or dies, which broke Rahul.

On Monday, when after knocking the door several times Rahul didn’t come out of his room then care taker ‘Avinash’ tried to peek into his room through the window and he found him hanging from the fan. Without waiting for a single more moment he notified about the incident to the Chancellor.

Police and the varsity officials came to the hostel after hearing about the incident. The students pleaded to the police to atleast let the family members see him, for which they refused straight away. With the help of a brick, police broke into the room and took the body into their custody for the Post-mortem.

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From the room, Police found heart-wrenching 16 pages of suicide note which includes details about the tremendous pressure he was going through and how 2 professors harassed him. Rahul in his suicide note cursed himself for the extreme step he took and asked his younger brother to complete his last desire to collect his stuff and use it as his own. He then wrote that please do not sell the house as it is their birth place and their ancestral property. Rahul holding the pen for the last time wrote that he is going to see his mother, father, and other relatives.

Rahul Chaudhary Suicide note
One of the page of suicide note

Students protested against the university and against those 2 professors who forced him to took such an extreme step. Responding to the protest and students, University threatened them that they will order lathi charge against them. Further, as per sources, university locked the girls inside the hostel with no food and water supply.

कृषि विश्विद्यालय ,मेरठ से Liveराहुल चौधरी आत्महत्या विषय पर ..

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Social activists, students, and relatives are continuously asking for support on social media. Some local news channels, websites also covered the story but still, the national media channels have not covered the story and reason behind the same remains unknown.

Sources say that this is not the first case of harassment by Prof. Rajveer Singh as he has a long nasty history yet to be investigated and to be jailed for!

Call it a low of education level, the result of racial discrimination or anything else but for sure this incident left Rahul’s family members broke and in a shock that won’t wear off in anytime soon!

A committee of 6 has been made and the investigation is going on.

More updates will be posted here on Rahul Chaudhary Suicide Case.


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