PM Narendra Modi Speaks on Dadri Lynching and Controversies


Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally spoke on Dadri Lynching and Ghulam Ali’s cancelled event. PM referred to these events as sad but he played safe with centre’s role on these controversies.

Ghulam Ali and Dadri controversy
PM speaks on Dadri Lynching

Narendra Modi Refers to Dadri Lynching and Ghulam Ali Concert Controversy as Sad

Dadri Lynching over Beef eating  and Concert cancellation of Pakistani Ghazal singer, Ghulam Ali have been among topics of debate in recent times and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared his thought on these heinous and sombre acts.

PM said that Dadri Lynching is saddening but how is centre government responsible for it. Narendra Modi referred to Dadri lynching and controversy over Ghulam Ali’s concert as ‘Unfortunate and Unwanted’.

While speaking to a daily PM said “The Dadri incident or the opposition to Pakistani Ghazal singer Ghulam Ali are sad and undesirable. But what is the role of the central government in these incidents?”

BJP Government is under scrutiny leading to the Dadri Lynching and Ghulam Ali’s event controversy whereas recent Shiv Sena act of inking a writer has added to Narendra Modi’s worries. Under intense pressure, PM responded to these issues as he blamed opposition for politics of polarization and treating minors as vote banks. Narendra Modi backed BJP and its policies as he assured that BJP doesn’t support such incidents and pseudo secularism.

Shiv Sena has referred to this statement of PM as Statement of Prime Minister and not of Narendra Modi.

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