Politics Takeovers where Art Suffers, Ghulam Ali’s Event


The Country seems to be obsessed with politics as after the big beef Ban issue, India seems to have another issue to hover around and makes it political Agenda with Political parties coming in favour or against Ghulam Ali’s event cancellation.

Politics moves to Art with Ghulam Ali being the Subject

Shiv Sena's boycott
Ghulam Ali Music Event

India seems to have a tryst with politics with every event and happening being linked to politics or being linked by the politicians. After lots of hassle and tussle around beef Lynching, our nation is now indulged over Pakistani artists performing in India.

Pakistan’s Ghazal Maestro, Ghulam Ali was supposed to perform in Mumbai on October 9 but Political Party, Shiv Sena didn’t allow the musical event to take place and Ghulam Ali’s Pune event was no different. Shiv Sena in order to respect the martyrs boycotted Pakistan’s musical Maestro performance in India especially Mumbai and Pune. Shiv Sena believes that No such an event should be organised of Pakistan’s artist if the conditions at the border remains tensed with skirmishes and bombarding at regular intervals. Still a right point by Shiv Sena though Art being affected is always sad.

CM Kejriwal First to Take the Opportunity

The disapproval by Shiv Sena has led to a political agenda now. With the likes of Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal and West Bengal’s CM Mamta Banerjee inviting Ghulam Ali to perform in their respective Capitals. Mr Kejriwal seems to have made a good habit to indulge in every trending issue. Its good initiative by Delhi’s Chief Minister but the timings of CM are always seems to be bang on and after all the good news is, Ghulam Ali would perform in Delhi this December.

Abhijeet Takes on Ghulam Ali, Insults Art

In other related event Indian ‘Former’ Singer, Abhijeet Bhattacharya has rather used derogatory language for Pakistani legend where he compared him to Dengue and asked to keep such an artist away from our nation. Being on planet Earth and then being an artist himself, people should know that Art has no limitations and no boundaries; it doesn’t understand hatches or vituperates any country’s sentiments. Enough said.

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