Price Cut for Diesel, Petrol and Non Subsidy Cylinders – News


Petrol Diesel Price News – The Central Government has announced for deduction in the prices of Fuels like Diesel, Petrol and Cooking gas Cylinders from 1st of August, 2015. As per the official information, the price cut for petrol is Rs. 2.43 and Diesel also goes cheaper by Rs. 3.60 while the non subsidy gas cylinders also witness the price cut of Rs. 23.50 and these changes would be in action from August 1.

Price Cut for Diesel, Petrol And Non Subsidy Cylinder News:

Petrol Diesel Price News

This is second price cut for these daily utilised fuels in recent times. The last Price cut led to controversy in Delhi when Delhi Government increased the VAT on the petroleum products which led to hike price instead of reduction.

According to India Oil Corporation (IOC), the decrement in the price of the petroleum products is due to reduction in the rate of Oil in International Market which allows the companies to get the raw material for cheaper prices and hence it affects the overall prices. The new price of Petrol and Diesel in New Delhi is Rs. 64.47 and Rs. 46.12 respectively. Stay in touch for more Petrol Diesel Price News.

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