Robert Lewandowski Hits 5 Goals in 9 Minutes: Bundesliga


Robert Lewandowski Scores 5 Goals: Bundesliga 2015-16

Bayern Munich Striker, Robert Lewandowski scored 5 five in a span of 9 minutes to make his side win against Wolfsburg 5-1.

Bayern Munich Striker, Robert Lewandowski Creates Bundesliga History

Bundesliga 2015-16
Lewandowski scores 5 goals

Polish Captain and Striker for Germanyโ€™s premium Football club, Bayern Munich had a surreal day at the football pitch when Lewandowski scored 5 goals within 9 minutes in the second half thus making his side win over Wolfsburg by 5-1 in Bundesliga Match.

Bayern Munich Vs VLF Wolfsburg: Bundesliga 2015-16

Lewandowski was sent as a substitute in the second half and created history with his impeccable hits at the net. He scored fastest ever hat trick in Bundesliga and went to score 5 goals with 9 minutes to take his to win on his own.

VLF Wolfsburg was commanding the match in the first half but Lewandowski had some different thoughts once he entered the battlefield and went to win the game on his own.

Lewandowski scored in 51st, 52nd, 55th, 57th and 60th minute of the game and hence cemented his name in Bundesliga history for his fastest hat trick and 5 goals.

After the match Robert Lewandowski said,

“I am very satisfied, that was incredible,โ€

“I just wanted to shoot; I didn’t really think what will happen afterwards. Having been one down, we knew that we must improve and score twice at least. But five goals, that’s incredible.”

I don’t know how fast it was, but it was fast,” he added. “But when you’re on the pitch, you’re just focused on football. After the fourth I looked at the scoreboard, it was the 60th minute and I only thought: ‘Ooh.’

“Guardiola didn’t need to say anything; I know what I have to do on the pitch. But it was only one game; we have to win the next games as well. We are Bayern Munich.”

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