RTI Act News: Government’s affidavit to Supreme Court


RTI Act News: Government’s affidavit to Supreme Court

Right To Information Act not for political Parties, Centres Says

Government Denies RTI Act on Political Parties

Government responds to RTI Plea
RTI Act Affidavit to Supreme Court

Government has come up with an affidavit which says that any political party is not abide to be under Right To Information Act (RTI Act), the affidavit was in response to an NGOโ€™s plea according to which all political parties were treated to be โ€˜Public Authorityโ€™ and hence bring them under RTI Act. Centre has said that Political parties are not Public authorities and thus they should not be brought under Right to Information Act.

Government Respond to RTI Plea

The affidavit in response to the plea mentions that political parties are not public authorities as they are not set up under constitution or any law activated by Parliament and hence they canโ€™t be treated as institution or establishment.

As per Government, โ€œIf political parties come under the RTI it will affect their smooth internal functioning. Political rivals will file RTI applications with malicious intent,”

NGOโ€™s Petition for RTI Act

A NGO had filed the petition in Supreme Court to bring all the political parties (Regional and National) under RTI by declaring them as โ€˜Public Authoritiesโ€ and NGO also wanted the court to ask the parties to give the details about donations acquired by them.

Government’s take will be observed and let see what supreme court has to reply about the affidavit. stay with us for further updates.


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