SBI Launches SBI Simply Click Credit Card


SBI Card Provides Simply Click Credit Card: News

SBI Card has launched another Credit Card named Simply Click Credit card which will allow customers for easy accessing and shopping at E commerce websites.

Simply Click Credit Card
SBI Simply Click Card Launch

Simply Click Credit Card by SBI Card

Rapidly increasing E Commerce world and its customers has led to a new credit card by SBI Cards for its users. SBI Cards have launched SBI Simply Click Credit card which allows customers to easily access and shop through E Commerce websites.

Customers pay online through Debit Card and Credit cards which has called for this innovative idea for SBI Simply Click Cards which has linked with some popular E commerce sites like Amazon, Food Panda, Book My Show, Clear Trip, Ola Cabs, Lens kart and other major companies.

SBI Card is gaining popularity in Metro cities and now it is also eyeing mid and small cities. SBI Simply Click card focuses on youth and their shopping culture. State Bank of Indiaโ€™s association will help in the marketing of the credit card.

Companies main idea is to avail this card to as many customers because of the increasing use of E Commerce site which is basically due to rise in use of Smart Phones.

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