Seven people accused for disrespecting National Anthem in Chennai


TheatreOn Sunday, 7 people including a woman were inculpated for allegedly disrespecting National Anthem at Kasi theatre Chennai. This is the first such case registered since the Supreme Court ordered to play National Anthem in cinema halls of India, every time before screening the movie and the people present must stand up while it is being played excluding differently-abled persons.

As reports said, the seven of them took selfies and didnโ€™t stand up for the National Anthem played in cinema hall of Chennaiโ€™s Ashok Nagar. While such contempt, a group inside the hall threatened those seven for not standing up for the National Anthem, also beat three of them.

The police took action when they saw two groups of cinema goers fighting outside the theatre. Both the groups then taken to Chennaiโ€™s Ashok Nagar Police Station where they were interrogated. Police registered the case under provisions of Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 against the accused when a complaint was filed by one Vijay Kumar belonging to group which allegedly threatened the seven for not standing.

One of the accused, Leenus Roffun stated that, โ€œThey started verbally abusing us, which we tried to ignore. They then came up to us during the interval and began hitting us when we said it was our right to not stand for the anthem should we choose not to.โ€

A separate complaint has been logged by M Shreela, one of the accused against Vijay Kumar and his companions threatening and beating them.

Police said that first a patrol team saw these people fighting outside a movie hall after which they took all of them to police station.

On November 30, Supreme Court mandate the cinema halls across the country to play National Anthem before screening of any movie and to honour it people inside the must stand up. Such decision was last ordered after the countryโ€™s 1962 war with China, but unfortunately movie-goers didnโ€™t took it seriously and eventually the practice was discontinued.

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