Sheena Bora Murder Mystery News


Sheena Bora Murder Mystery News

Sheena Murder has become one of the mysterious cases and stories involving it are immensely shocking and terrifying.

Sheena Bora Murder Mystery: A Mother Ends Her Daughter

Sheena murdered by her Mothet
Sheena Bora Murderer Indrani

This high profile murder mystery is talk of the nation as this heinous act was performed by a Mother who allegedly killed her daughter with her Ex Husband and Driver.

Indrani Mukherjee murdered her daughter, Sheena Bora

Indrani Mukherjee, The founder of INX Media and wife of Star TV Former CEO, Peter Mukherjee are accused of murdering her daughter, Sheena Bora and the menacing crime also involved Indrani’s ex husband Sanjeev Khanna and her Driver, Shyamvar Pinturam Rai.

Sheena Bora Murder: As it happened

Sheena Bora was called by her Indrani Mukherjee to meet her. Rahul Mukherjee (Son of Peter Mukherjee) dropped Sheena where she was picked by her Mother. Indrani, Shyamvar and Rajeev forced Sheena into the car and strangulated Sheena inside the car. All three accused took Sheena’s body to peter’s garage in the car and the next hey burnt and dumped Sheena’s body in Raigad Forest.

Accused in Sheena Bora Murder

Indrani Bora – Founder of INX Media and wife of Star India Ex CEO is among the main culprit of murdering her daughter, Indrani married to Peter in 2002 and has been with Peter Mukherjee since then. Indrani left her parents when she was 16 year old and had married three men as per reports. She had two children Sheena and Mikhail from her First husband while her second husband was Sanjeev Bora to whom she left and married Star TV CEO, Peter Mukherjee.

Sanjeev Khanna – Sanjeev Khanna is Indrani’s Second Husband accused of Sheena Bora Murder Case.

Shyamvar Pinturam Rai – Driver of Indrani who helped her to kill Sheena.

Sheena Bora Murder Case:  Other Suspects under Scrutiny

It is believed that Indrani, Sanjeev and Shyamvar had planned and executed this murder though Mumbai police is investigating the case with other vital people who may or may not be involved.

Peter Mukherjee – Ex CEO of Star TV and present husband of Indrani, peter is said to be fond of Indrani though he claimed that he didn’t know that Sheena was Indrani’s daughter as Indrani told him that Sheena and Indrani were sisters.

Mikhail Bora – Son of Indrani to her first husband is also under investigation. Sheena’s brother claims to have important information about relation between Sheena, Peter and Indrani. Mikhail also says that he was threatened for life and was also in plans of Indrani to murder him.

Rahul Mukherjee – Peter’s son was said to have an affair with Sheena and that could also be the reason for Sheena’s dismay as Indrani didn’t like this relation.

Sheena Bora Murder Disclosure

Mumbai Police arrested Shyamvar Pinturam Rai for illegal arms and in interrogation, Mumbai police reached to this confession by Shyamvar and since then Mumbai police has been following Indrani and her activities. Police arrested Indrani once they had enough evidence of Sheena Bora murder. Indrani claimed that Sheena left for USA and hadn’t been in touch with anyone since then.

Police are in dilemma that why none of Sheena’s brother or near ones enquired for her absence for this long period though Indrani made sure that people are fooled to think that Sheena is in USA also why Mikhail Bora didn’t took any stand till now. The reason for murder is still uncertain as it is assumed that either she was killed because of her relationship with Rahul Mukherjee or there may be a case of Money and property.

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