Shiv Sena Continues its Take on Pakistan related Issues


Shiv Sena has been on carnage in recent times, the carnage of morals and identity of a nation especially with their acts of hindering a sport, disrupting a book launch and ruining an artistโ€™s concert.

Shiv Sena backed by BJP
Shiv Sena Protesting at BCCI Office

Shiv Sena Ferocious acts backed by BJP!

BJP may claim that unfortunate events lately have nothing to do with government but it is crystal clear that BJPโ€™s coalition governmentโ€™s party, Shiv Sena has no fear of law and judiciary. Shiv Sena may claim that they are nation lovers who will respect and secure nations morals, ethics and culture at any cost but the cost turns out to be a misfortunate insult of a host who launches a book , disrespecting a music maestro who is recognized across the globe and then trying to be above the sport i.e, the game of cricket.

Shiv Sena Storms into BCCI Office

After ruining the concert of Ghazal singer, Ghulam Ali and painting Sudheendra Kulkarni with ink, the Shiv Sainiks have a new reason to gain popularity and dent nation’s identity.

Shiv Sena members stormed into BCCI Office at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai to cancel the meeting of BCCI President Shashank Manohar and Pakistan Cricket Boardโ€™ s Chairman Shahryar Khan. Shiv Sena members are against India-Pakistan Cricket Series and thus they protested in BCCI office.

The meeting was postponed and rescheduled from Mumbai to Delhi. Shiv Sena has been protesting on all the activities related to Pakistan.

Shiv Sena has every right to show their displeasure and protest about the same but they should find a better way as these happenings are not going to help our nationโ€™s stature in the world. Shiv Senaโ€™s acts are calling for something big thusย  BJP needs to step up and take the charge before this premonition is true.

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