Significance of Talismanic PM Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley


Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy, India has vowed each and every individual with his ambitious vision via Digital India campaign.

Magnificent Modi’s Magic at Mega Event in USA

PM Narendra Modi visits Silicon Valley

If a ‘Chaiwala’ can become a nation’s most powerful personality then anything can happen and what if the same person with no technical education, no such degrees and no such experience can stand tall with CEO’s of world’s best tech giants!

This is what Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has achieved. Modi has just changed the perception about India and every nation in the world is surely eyeing India at the moment. Modi’s vision and his understanding of, what a technology can do to a nation and its economy is commendable. Narendra Modi may be blunt and people may blame him for exaggeration at time but if CEOs of World biggest firms applause him, hug him and listen to his vision means the man has something in him, something needed to change a nation and the nation’s perception.

Narendra Modi meeting with Tech Giants CEOs in Silicon Valley

PM Modi’s US visit means a lot to our developing nation and his meeting with the best company’s CEO assures every Indian that we are going to gain a lot from this small tour of Mr Modi.

Prime Minister met various CEO’S and executive in Silicon Valley like Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook) Satya Nadella (CEO Microsoft), Sundar Pichai (CEO Google), Tim Cook (CEO Apple), Paul Jacobs (Executive Chairman Qualcomm) and others.  Mr Modi offered these Honchos to come and invest in India and guaranteed them with supportive governance and easy policies.

The Effect of Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley on Indian Economy

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi visited Silicon Valley where he specifically went to Head office of Google, Facebook’s Headquarter and Tesla (Electronic Automobile Company).

It is PM Modi’s effort and his convincing ability that Microsoft has agreed to provide broadband network to more than 5 Lakh villages of India and hence connect them to Internet.

Google is all set to co-operate with Indian government and provide internet access at 400 Railway Station across the country.

Qualcomm has announced that it is ready to fund up to $150 million for start ups in India. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that Apple will be manufacturing its products in India in near future.

Modi also addressed Indians and American at SAP Centre and highlighted all the issues that an Indian faces and how he can overcome each and every of them, He requested Indians to be back to their native place and work for Country’s growth.

India can expect enormous investment and growth in economy with PM’s initiative. We are proud to say that our Leader can emulate the best and surpass them to make our nation the superpower it deserves to be.

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